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ADXL362:  Micropower, 3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g Digital Output MEMS Accelerometer


The ADXL362, 3-axis, digital MEMS accelerometer operates at 300 nA in motion sensing wake-up mode, consuming 60 percent less current than the closest competing sensor in the same mode. In full measurement mode, the ADXL362 uses 2 μA at a 100 Hz data rate, using 80 percent less power than competing MEMS accelerometers operating at the same frequency.

This extremely low power consumption allows the ADXL362 to be used in applications that require battery life expectancy of months or years, and where battery replacement can be impractical or dangerous to the equipment or operator.

Click here to read the full press release on the ADXL362 digital MEMS accelerometer.

Anglia is giving away FREE EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP real-time evaluation systems worth £160 each. All you have to do is register using the form below for a chance to receive this real time evaluation system courtesy of Anglia - your new partner for Analog Devices.

Technical Documentation


Title Content Type File Type
ADXL362: Micropower Three-Axis, ±2g/±4g/±8g Digital-Output MEMS Accelerometer Preliminary Datasheet Data Sheets PDF
Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s Lowest Power MEMS Accelerometer Press Releases HTML


Circuits from the Lab

The circuit shown to the right incorporates a tri-axis ADXL362 digital accelerometer and the ADP195 high-side power switch to create an ultralow power, motion sensitive switch. Click here to view the complete reference design.

Ref Design

Tutorial Video's


ADXL362 Micropower, 3-Axis, MEMS Accelerometer

ADXL362: Awake Status Output & Motion Activated Switch Function


ADXL362: Enhanced Activity Detection for System-Level Power Savings

ADXL362 Demo Video: Power Levels vs. Competition


EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP Real-time evaluation system


Evaluation System

Use for real-time evaluation, parameter testing, and general familiarization with the ADXL362.

The EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP is a complete system for real-time evaluation of the ADXL362 micropower, 3-axis, digital-ouptut MEMS accelerometer. This system is accompanied by a graphical user interface (GUI) that facilitates evaluation of parameters such as power consumption, temperature coefficient, noise, and more. The system consists of a motherboard and a satellite board. The sensor is housed in a socket on the satellite board, enabling evaluation of multiple parts using one evaluation system.

To order the complete system, order the EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP. This kit includes a motherboard, satellite board, accelerometer, and cables. Additional satellite board kits can be ordered using the part number EVAL-ADXL362Z-S. Satellite kit orders include a satellite board and an accelerometer.




Instructions for use and installation are provided here.

Real-Time Evaluation System


Software and Tools


Please visit the Wiki site for software to use with the evaluation system.


FREE Evaluation Systems


Interested in a FREE EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP real-time evaluation systems worth £160!
All you have to do is register using the form below for a chance to receive this real time evaluation system courtesy of Anglia - your new partner for Analog Devices.


To request your free EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP please fill in the form below.
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