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  0201-160-1101   HAR-BUS 160W R/A PLG 2  
RoHS compliant
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  0201-160-1102   HAR-BUS 160W R/A PLG  
RoHS compliant
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  0201-160-2101   HAR-BUS 160W R/A PLG 2  
RoHS compliant
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  0201-160-2102   HAR-BUS 160W R/A PLG  
RoHS compliant
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  0202-128-2201   HAR-BUS 128W STR SKT  
RoHS compliant
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  0202-160-1013   SOCKET WITH FLANGE  
RoHS compliant
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  0202-160-1201   HARBUS 160W STR SKT 1  
RoHS compliant
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  0202-160-1202   HAR-BUS 160W STR SKT 5MM  
RoHS compliant
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  0202-160-1301   HAR-BUS 160W STR SKT 17MM  
RoHS compliant
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  0202-160-1601   DIN-SIGNAL HARBUS64-160FP-3.7C  
RoHS compliant
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  Antennas, RF, Quay RF
  Connectors, Enclosures
  Deltron, connectors
  Roxburgh EMC Industrial filters, EMC filters, chokes, components and surge suppressors.
  Gemalto M2M NFC 3G Edge GPRS
  aavid, thermalloy, redpoint, heatsinks, electronic components
  cpu card, embedded, ePlatform, HMI, industrial, panel PC, PC, PC-based, SBC, single board computer
  Data Converters, Amplifiers, Linear, RF ICs, MEMs, DSP
  Antenova multi-band antenna, RF , patch, pifa, embedded, external, internal, GSM CDMA WDCMA 3G GPS Bluetooth WiFi
  Avalue, embedded pc, embedded system, single board computer, computer on module, SOM, ETX, EPIC, Mini-ITX, industrial motherboard, main board, BOX computer
  Capacitors, Connectors, Couplers, Filters, Inductors, Timing Devices, Circuit Protection and Resistive Products.
  Fuses,  AC-DC power supplies,
  bergquist, mounting hardware, electronic components
  bloomice, antennas
  bourns, trimmers, potentiometers, resistors, panel controls, dials, encoders, fuses, inductors
  IEC Mains Connectors, Buccaneer IP68 Waterproof Connectors, EMI Mains Filters, Vandal Resistant Switches, Fuseholders, Polysnap Connection Modules, LED Indicators and Battery Holders
  cambion  miniature single pole sockets, PCB Pins & Interconnects, connector pins, RF coaxial connectors, solder terminals, spacers, inductors, coils
  Terminal Blocks, Enclosures, Switches, Fuses and Fuseholders
  optical design,  optical moulding
  Cel, cable ties, connectors, hardware, solder, pcb mount, electronic components
  ceramate, suppressors,  electronic components
  Cinterion Wireless Modules
  Ferrites and cores, Inductors, Transformers
  Fuses Fuse Holders
  fuses, bussmann, cooper,  electronic components, cartridge fuses, fuseholders, through hole
  Cornell Dubilier capacitor
  Cosmic Software
  Co-Tron,  connectors,  electronic components
  Cree, LED, lighting, LED lighting, LED chips, power switching, rectifier, wireless, RF, microwave, Colorwave, XLamp, UV, SiC, GaN, silicon carbide, gallium nitride, semiconductor, UltraBright, MegaBright, XBright
  CTC, capacitors,  electronic components
  diptronics, switches, surface  mount , electronic components, throught hole
  ece, switches, dual In-Line, rotary encoded,  electronic components
  Form Factor System-onModule
  saw filters, capacitors, ferrites, emc components, arresters, ceramic , microwave ceramics,  power, smt inductors, chokes, EPCOS
  epoc, capacitors, plastic film, through hole, dipped , electronic components
  esi, sensors, humidity, temperature, electronic components
  eurohm, resistors , surface mount resistors, electronic components
  Everspin MRAM SRAM Memory
  heatsinks, semiconductor cooling, connectors, brackets
  Harting, connectors,  electronic components
  Harwin, interconnects, connectors, high-reliability, military
  LED Stars
  Hirose UK, Connectors
  Hirschmann, connectors
  Hitachi Displays
  Honeywell, sensors, Connectors, Potentiometers,  Inrush Current Limiters
  HopeRF RF modules, RF discrete devices
  hudson, quartz crystals, quartz oscillators, electronic components
  Inalways, connectors, mains connectors, electronic components
  amplifiers, buffers, comparators, transistor arrays, communications ICs, data converters, analog front ends, analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, power MOSFET drivers,  special analog, analog switches
  invac, diodes, optoelectronics, photo sensors, surface mout, through hole, electronic components
  IQD, Frequency, Crystals, Quartz
  IRC TT electronics resistors
  JNC, suppresors, electronic components
  keystone, battery holders, battery clips, battery connectors, electronic components
  laird, semiconductor, mounting, hardware, electronic components
  optical design,  optical moulding,
  Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Fuse Holders, Resettable PTCs, TVS Diodes
  lumberg, connectors
  magnetix, inductors, transformers, surface mount, through hole, electronic components
  magnetone, sensors, sound, sounders, electronic components
  Displays, TFT
  Mitsubishi, High Frequency, GaAs Transistors, Si RF Power Module, Si RF Power MOSFET
  m-pro, m pro, connectors, terminals, electronic components
  Murata, capacitors, inductors, resistors, resonators, sensors, sounders, suppressors
  dc-dc converters, ac-dc & high-reliability power supplies, magnetics, data acquisition devices and digital panel meters
  aluminium electrolytic capacitors
  nover, capacitors, surface mount, through hole, large can, tantalum, radial, axial, electronic components
  Ohmite resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications
  oko switches, relays, bt47, pcb, plugin, panel mount, electronic components
  omron, card readers, connectors, relays, sensors, switches
  panasonic, capacitors, electrolytic, surface mount, radial, snap in, double later, plastic film, inductors, suppressors, sensors, line filter, emi, bead core, powe coke, electronic components
  Terminal blocks, fieldbus, automation technology, interface, surge protection, PCB connection systems, connection technology, interbus, electronic, connection systems, rail-mountable terminal blocks, connectors, and connector method
  piher, trimmers, carbon, signal turn, cermet, electronic components
  optical design, mould tooling, optical moulding, product finishing, plastics materials
  renata, batteries, coin cells, power modules, battery holders, electronic components
  Renesas Electronics,semiconductor,microcontroller MCU,microprocessor MPU
  rohm, diodes, memory, optoelectronics, resistors, semiconductors, single gate logic
  schaffner, suppressors
  Fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, switches & keypads
  shindengen, diodes, schottky, rectifier, bridge, electronic components
  Solomon Systech Limited
  ST, semiconductors, diodes, regulators, thyristors, transistors, IC, microcontrollers, memory, electronic components
  Studiomate audio and video connectors
  taicom, connectors
  Taiwan Semiconductor, rectifiers, analog ICs and MOSFETs
  Taiway Switches
  Direct current dimmable electronic drivers for LED modules
  ceramic, aluminium electrolytic and film capacitors, ferrites and inductors, high-frequency components such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter products and modules, piezo and protection components, and sensors.
  Tianbo, Relays
  titan opto, optoelectronics,leds,through hole, mountings,lightbars, bargraphs, led displays, photo sensors, electronic components
  toshiba, optoelectronics, leds, sensors, photo, couplers, transistors, electronic components
  Welwyn resistors Hi-Rel
  Varta Micro, Batteries, Ni-MH, Nickel-Hydride, Akkus, accus, primary, rechargeables, Nickel-Metallhydride, Polymer, Lithium, Cells, Button
  warth, semiconductor, mounting, hardware, electronic components
  WIMA film capacitors, SMD capacitors, metallized paper RFI capacitors, Snubber capacitors,  GTO capacitors and Double-Layer capacitors
  Zetex, analog semiconductor, power management

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