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Switches   Toggle   Miniature   STW       Miniature STW  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   MSP Series       Miniature MSP Series  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   MPBS and MPSA Series       Miniature MPBS and MPSA Series  
Switches   Dual-in-line   DHS 200 1.27mm pitch (half pitch), SMD         DHS 200 1.27mm pitch (half pitch), SMD   
Switches   Dual-in-line   DBP 4 and SBP 4         DBP 4 and SBP 4   
Switches   Rotary Coded   Subminiature   5 Pin       Subminiature 5 Pin  
Switches   Rotary Coded   Microminiature   Low profile       Microminiature Low profile  
Switches   Pushbutton   Subminiature   APE / AP Series       Subminiature APE / AP Series  
Switches   Toggle   Miniature   STA       Miniature STA  
Switches   Toggle   Miniature   Vertical or Horizontal mount       Miniature Vertical or Horizontal mount  
Switches   Toggle   Miniature   MTA       Miniature MTA  
Switches   Toggle   Miniature   Waterproof       Miniature Waterproof  
Switches   Toggle   Miniature   Locking lever       Miniature Locking lever  
Switches   Toggle   Miniature   ESD proof       Miniature ESD proof  
Switches   Toggle   Subminiature   ATE       Subminiature ATE  
Switches   Toggle   Subminiature   SMT       Subminiature SMT  
Switches   Toggle   Subminiature   ESD proof       Subminiature ESD proof  
Switches   Toggle   Subminiature   Economy type       Subminiature Economy type  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   SPA/MPA Series       Miniature SPA/MPA Series  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   Waterproof       Miniature Waterproof  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   Heavy duty       Miniature Heavy duty  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   Snap action       Miniature Snap action  
Switches   Dual-in-line   DPS 700 -800, piano type         DPS 700 -800, piano type   
Switches   Rotary Coded   Microminiature   Standard   60000 Series     Microminiature Standard 60000 Series 
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   TSS650 Series       Miniature TSS650 Series  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   ESD proof       Miniature ESD proof  
Switches   Pushbutton   Subminiature   MSP Series       Subminiature MSP Series  
Switches   Pushbutton   Subminiature   SMD       Subminiature SMD  
Switches   Pushbutton   Subminiature   ESD proof       Subminiature ESD proof  
Switches   Pushbutton   Subminiature   Low-cost       Subminiature Low-cost  
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   Illuminated   TR and TM Series     Miniature Illuminated TR and TM Series 
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   Illuminated   LTR and LTM Series     Miniature Illuminated LTR and LTM Series 
Switches   Dual-in-line   DHS 1001.27mm pitch (half pitch), SMD         DHS 1001.27mm pitch (half pitch), SMD   
Switches   Pushbutton   Miniature   Illuminated   TP and TML Series     Miniature Illuminated TP and TML Series 
Switches   Pushbutton   Illuminated         Illuminated   
Switches   Tactile   TMS / TMSE / TME Series         TMS / TMSE / TME Series    
Switches   Tactile   TMPS / TMP Series         TMPS / TMP Series   
Switches   Slide   Professional   ASE / AS Series       Professional ASE / AS Series  
Switches   Slide   Professional   Miniature   MFP/ MFS Series     Professional Miniature MFP/ MFS Series 
Switches   Slide   Professional   Miniature   MSS Series     Professional Miniature MSS Series 
Switches   Slide   Professional   Microminiature       Professional Microminiature  
Switches   Tactile   TSS / TS / TMSE Series         TSS / TS / TMSE Series   
Switches   Tactile   Multi-Function         Multi-Function   
Switches   Slide   Consumer   Miniature       Consumer Miniature  
Switches   Slide   Consumer   Microminiature       Consumer Microminiature  
Switches   Dual-in-line   High reliability DSS 100 and DSS 300         High reliability DSS 100 and DSS 300   
Switches   Dual-in-line   DSS 200 - 800         DSS 200 - 800   
Switches   Dual-in-line   SMS 000, SMD         SMS 000, SMD   
Switches   Rotary Coded   Microminiature   Standard   7000/8000 Series     Microminiature Standard 7000/8000 Series 
Switches   Rotary Coded   Subminiature   6 Pin DIL       Subminiature 6 Pin DIL  
Switches   Rotary Coded   Miniature         Miniature   
Switches   Rotary   Miniature   MR Series       Miniature MR Series  
Switches   Rotary   Miniature   DRS Series       Miniature DRS Series  
Switches   Rotary   Miniature   MRS Series       Miniature MRS Series  
Switches   Rotary Pulse           0   
Switches   Key           0   
Switches   Rotary   Microminiature   Standard       Microminiature Standard  
Switches   Rotary   Microminiature   SMT       Microminiature SMT  
Switches   Dual-in-line   DSS 500 and SMS 500, low profile         DSS 500 and SMS 500, low profile   
Switches   Dual-in-line   DBS 1000 - 4100         DBS 1000 - 4100   
Switches   Dual-in-line   SBS and SBP, SMD         SBS and SBP, SMD   
Switches   Dual-in-line   DBS 2 and DBP 2         DBS 2 and DBP 2   
Switches   Toggle   Miniature   STG       Miniature STG  
Switches   Dual-in-line   SMP 700 - 800, piano type         SMP 700 - 800, piano type   


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