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Four-wire interference suppression with more power
Schaffner has now extended the upper range of its popular FN 3280 series filters to provide compatibility with higher powered installations.
Anglia introduces competitive range of industry compatible heatsinks from Calinar
Anglia has expanded its portfolio of heatsinks by introducing a range of industry standard types from manufacturer Calinar.
Magnetone's extensive range of Sounders covers the most popular industry types
Consisting of electro-magnetic and piezo-electric devices the range extends from sub-miniature transducers through to high power sirens.
Significant portfolio of power resistors available from Eurohm
Designed for use in a whole host of applications, the higher power series extension covers ratings from 2W to 17W and offers a wide choice of resistance values from as low as 0.1ohm, up to 68Kohm, all in 5% tolerance.
Taicom’s expanded range of RJ connectors now includes surface mount parts
Taicom has introduced two new surface mount sockets to its family of FCC-68 compatible RJ connectors, a 6 way 6 pin (RJ12 style) and an 8 way 8 pin (RJ45 style).
Taicom add FireWire IEEE1394 connectors to their product portfolio
Now available from Anglia are Taicom’s recently introduced and comprehensive range of FireWire IEEE1394 compatible connectors, which further expands its cost effective and extensive line up of connector products.
EMC Filters Meet New Machine Tool Standard EN 50370
Schaffner have introduced a number of new EMC filters to meet the forthcoming product specific standard for Machine Tools, EN 50370.
Compact EMC filters meet latest industrial motor drive needs
EMC filters designed to meet the most demanding industrial motor drive applications have been developed by world-leading specialist, Schaffner.
Taicom’s extensive range of Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC)
The Taicom range of Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) are spread across several series including the traditional 1.27mm ribbon cable connectors and the more modular KK style suitable for discrete wires.
Nover's huge range of capacitors develops further with the introduction of Surface Mount Electrolytics
Nover now produces a wide variety of surface mount electrolytics headed by the VE series. This particular series is becoming a very popular 85°C rated range which is complemented by the VH series offering a higher temperature rating of 105°C.
Compact FFC/FPC connectors broaden Taicom's PCB interconnect product line
Taicom have introduced a new range of connectors for use with FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits). Available in 1.0mm and 1.25mm pitch, the range includes types suitable for surface mount or through hole processes.
Taicom widens its D Sub connector range
Taicom’s expanded range of D sub-miniature connectors now include extra options of threaded inserts and boardlocks on the PCB mounting plugs and sockets.
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