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DC-DC converters for low power applications
Magnetix have introduced a wide range of high performance low power DC-DC converters with power ratings from 250mW to 2W in standard SIL, DIL and SMD packages.
OKO relay delivers 16A in less than 16mm
With more than 500 types, the OKO range of relays from Anglia provide the perfect solution for designers needing quality products with UL recognition.
Taicom launch range of single plane terminal blocks to aid access in confined spaces
Taicom's new TBHP and TBVP series terminal blocks combine a high current capability with the convenience of having the wire entry hole and the screw on a single plane i.e. where the direction of the conductor and screwdriver run parallel.
OKO introduces the new full feature K42-T control relay and IP20 rated socket
The new K42-T is primarily targeted at the control panel market where visual operation of the relay is required for test and maintenance.
Taicom adds RJ style connectors with integrated indicator LED’s
The latest additions to Taicom’s range of RJ connectors are two right angle 8 way 8 pin (RJ45 style) shielded connectors, which incorporate yellow and green LED indicators.
Low ESR electrolytic capacitors from Nover
Nover's diverse family of radial lead electrolytics includes two popular series of high performance low ESR capacitors that help engineers develop better designs.
OKO’s improved 'sugar cube' relay offers greater Power switching
Some products prove so popular that their key parameters remain virtually unchanged for years. One such product is the ‘sugar cube’ relay, which has proved useful to designers who needed to switch up to 10A, whilst using relatively little PCB area.
High sensitivity Relays for Battery powered applications
Common to all designs, the efficient use of energy is of paramount importance. With the increased development of handheld electronic products, and a need for energy conservation, new designs often have to reduce power consumption.
Smart Card Connectors open up new application opportunities
Two standard type, through hole connectors from Taicom are designed for the insertion of smart cards to ISO7810/7816 specifications.
Nover's 85°C and 105°C radials head an extensive range of electrolytics
Nover produces a wide variety of radial lead electrolytics headed by the RE and RH series.
The OKO 'K51' Sub-miniature Relay is small but perfectly formed.
The K51 single pole changeover (SPCO) relay from OKO may be small in size but is big on performance.
Eurohm offers cost effective alternatives to two industry established resistors
Consisting of two ranges of 5% tolerance metal film resistors, the type SF25 (0.4Watt) and type SF16S (0.5Watt) are fully compatible with the recognised SFR25 and SFR16S.
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