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Relay Solution for Designers
Cost savings of up to 75% can be realised when using an automotive relay in high current industrial applications.
Nover's SMD Electrolytic range expanded to reflect the latest demands for higher performance products
Nover's capacitor portfolio has expanded to meet the increase in demand for a greater variety of surface mount electrolytics, particularly those offering a superior specification for use in arduous or high reliability applications.
One global source secures EMC compliance and power quality
Schaffner has introduced new product ranges and support services which go far beyond EMC compliance alone - to enhance functional capability, improve reliability and optimise the performance of entire systems.
Revolutionary new EMC concept - combined I/O filter for AC inverters is panacea to motor drive problems
This unique EMC filter for use with AC inverters in motor drive applications combines optimally matched input and output filters within a single module.
New sinusoidal output filters increase motor life and system reliability
Leading EMC filter specialist, Schaffner has introduced a new high-performance range of sinusoidal output filters for frequency inverters. The range offers a cost-effective solution for many problems related to modern motor drive systems.
OKO’s improved range of Signal Relays offers more design flexibility
OKO have further enhanced their successful range of signal relays by upgrading the popular K1 series. The K1 relays, originally designed for signal applications in the fire and security industry, has had all variants now UL approved to 3A.
New filters developed for power line communication integrity
Schaffner is launching a new design and manufacture capability for specialised decoupling filters for use in domestic and industrial power line communication (PLC) systems.
New dv/dt chokes for modern inverters and servo drives from Schaffner
New dv/dt chokes, designed for use on the output of modern frequency inverters and servo drives, have been introduced by Schaffner. The RWK 305 Series offers designers and operators reliable and cost-effective motor protection.
New three-phase line reactors for industrial applications
EMC specialist Schaffner has broadened its extensive product portfolio with the introduction of a new range of three-phase line reactors for industrial applications.
Three-phase inlet filter reduces both harmonics and EMI
Latest from market-leading filter specialist Schaffner is a new three-phase input unit containing a line-reactor and conventional RFI filter.
Taicom introduces a value added, cable assembly service
The increasing demand for Taicom connectors and the need for value added support has led to the introduction of custom cable assembly. This service has been aimed particularly at customers looking for a reliable and convenient source of bespoke leads.
Single-phase PCB-filters target DC-DC power modules
Compact filters, for PCB-mounting in DC-DC converter applications, have been launched by leading EMC-filter specialist, Schaffner. The FN 409 series is an extension of the company's widely adopted ranges of PCB filters and is targeted at DC applications.
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