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Bulgin's waterproof FireWire Buccaneer IEEE 1394a is environmentally sealed to IP68
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  Bulgin's FireWire Buccaneer provides a high degree of environmental sealing for FireWire connections using standard IEEE 1394a interfaces with data rates up to 400Mbs.

Dust and waterproof to IP68, the connector system is ideally suited to industrial and hostile environments where a high data rate, combined with a robust and secure connection, is required.

Originally designed for high speed data transfer in consumer multimedia equipment, FireWire has now transferred from the home into industrial environments where hazards of water and dust are present. The new FireWire Buccaneer family of connectors meets this challenge.

Available in two forms, the standard 6 pole and the miniature 4 pole which is often used on cameras and small peripheral devices. Both the 4 and 6 pole interfaces are available for cable and panel mounting. The screw coupling thread ensures a vibration and shock resistant connection and sealing caps maintain the IP68 rating of the connectors whilst not in use.

The cable connectors are ‘over-moulded’ directly on the cable, and are available in 2m or 4m lengths as standard and terminated with Buccaneer FireWire at one end and a standard FireWire connector at the other. Other configurations are available for volume users. The panel mounted connectors are terminated with adaptor leads for connection onto PCB’s.

Fully RoHS compliant, FireWire Buccaneer complements Bulgin’s other waterproof data connectors for Ethernet, USB, and SMB.

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This news article was originally published in January 2009.

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