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Introducing the TRJ series of cost effective RJ sockets with integrated magnetics from Taicom
The Taicom RJ sockets with integrated magnetics offer excellent performance throughout the entire series and include a wide range of port configurations to suit all types of customer applications.

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OKO Switching Relay includes High Sensitivity Coil

Anglia has expanded the OKO relay range and now includes the industry standard 47W style K52 series.

The 47W is a highly competitive price double pole changeover relay that is widely used throughout the industry.

Available in a selection of coil voltages from 4.5Vd.c. to 48Vd.c, the devices are UL approved and fully sealed to DIN40 050 (IP67).

In addition, a high sensitivity coil type, which features a low power consumption coil of 150mW, is also available. Click here to view news article

Click on the link below to download product data in Adobe Acrobat format;

For more information on the OKO Switching Relays range, please contact

Click on this link to go to the main OKO section where you can view other news articles and product data.

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This news article was originally published in March 2000.

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