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Analog Devices introduces the AD9172 series D/A converter that sets new performance benchmark for Wideband SDR
Analog Devices has introduced a 28-nanometer D/A converter as part of a new series of high speed digital-to-analog converters (D/A converters).

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Ceramate offers an extensive range of Varistors for transient voltage suppression


Designed to protect voltage sensitive products against damage, Ceramate's GNR series of high energy absorption, metal oxide varistors provide a convenient and simple solution to transient suppression.

The basic principle of a varistor is to sense and limit transient voltage spikes. A varistor remains high impedance (non-operative) during normal standby use. However, when a voltage spike is encountered the impedance rapidly drops to a very low level, clamping the transient voltage to an acceptable level. The varistor absorbs the unwanted energy thereby protecting voltage sensitive devices against damage.

Ceramate's GNR series covers a broad range of varistor voltages, from 18V to 1100V, with each voltage offering a selection of energy absorption values. A variety of factory options, such as alternative lead styles, non-flammable types and taped product further extends the range.

Suitable for 'across the line' applications, the GNR series has UL, CSA and VDE approvals.

For more information on the Ceramate GNR  range, please contact

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This news article was originally published in March 2000.

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