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Taiwan Semiconductor Introduce Adjustable Output Linear Constant Current Regulated LED Drivers, samples available from Anglia
The drivers feature adjustable output currents of 0.1mA to 65mA (TSCR40 series) or 10mA to 300mA (TSCR42 series) and integrate the transistor, diodes and resistors into a single device which simplifies the system design by reducing component count.

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  New High Precision metal film resistors from Eurohm

Anglia has introduced two new precision types to its range of Eurohm resistors.

The new RMF25Y and RMF25C series Watt metal film resistors from Eurohm feature extremely tight resistance tolerances of 0.1% and 0.5% respectively.

Suitable for use in applications that require close tolerance with stable temperature characteristics, such as instrumentation and test equipment, the RMF25Y have a temperature coefficient of 15ppm/C whilst the RMF25C have a temperature coefficient of 50ppm/C.

Equivalent to industry standard RC55 and H8 series, both types are housed in an industry standard Watt body, available in selected E96 values and are supplied loose with taped available.

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This news article was originally published in November 2000.

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