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Introducing the SG73P series of Pulse Stable Chip Resistors from KOA
Surge protection is becoming more and more important in circuit designs, the Anti Surge SG73P series from KOA is a resistor which has approximately 10 times the pulse handling capability compared to standard thick film chip resistors.

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Ramtron’s 64-kilobit serial F-RAM memory specified to AEC-Q100 automotive standards

  Ramtron has expanded its line of AEC-Q100-specified F-RAM memory devices, qualifying the FM24CL64 64-kilobit (Kb) serial F-RAM to operate over the Grade 3 automotive temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

The FM24CL64 is part of Ramtron’s growing family of Grade 1 (+125C) and Grade 3 AEC-Q100-qualified automotive memory products.

The FM24CL64 is already designed into advanced automotive audio platforms in which F-RAM is used to record dynamic data quickly and frequently while maintaining data integrity even upon sudden power loss. The FM24CL64’s NoDelay™ writes, virtually unlimited endurance, and low operating currents, coupled with its I2C interface, uniquely enable reliable data collection/storage at maximum bus speed and low power in intelligent infotainment applications.

“This achievement demonstrates Ramtron’s dedication to meeting the design and sourcing challenges of the automotive market,” explains Duncan Bennett, Ramtron International Strategic Marketing Manager. “The FM24CL64 is a popular choice for automotive radio applications with its fast writes and high endurance, which are ideal for recording continuously changing data that must be immediately available on power up.”

F-RAM in Intelligent Audio Systems

F-RAM collects and stores dynamic data to enable advanced radio features such as favorite artist/song alert, favorite station memory, and last channel recall. F-RAM’s low-power advantage also enables the collection/storage of traffic information while the vehicle is off so that drivers can access the most current data when they start the vehicle. F-RAM is also used to store digital sound parameters such as filter configuration and factory settings, as well as manual DSP and EQ settings, time delay adjustments for each channel, and advanced controls for crossover and filter settings on each channel.

About the FM24CL64

The FM24CL64 is a 64Kb nonvolatile RAM with an industry-standard I2C interface. The device is a direct hardware replacement for equivalent EEPROMs, yet far superior because of its fast writes, virtually unlimited endurance (1-trillion writes), 45 years of data retention, and low power consumption. The FM24CL64 operates at 3 volts over the Grade 3 automotive temperature range, draws 75 microamps (μA) for reads and writes at 100 kHz, and is available in a “green” 8-pin SOIC package.

About the AEC-Q100

In 1994, the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) established the AEC-Q100 qualification standard, which is recognized worldwide as a benchmark for automotive systems. Electronic components that meet AEC-Q100 standards are deemed reliable, high-quality components suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment without additional component-level qualification testing. For more details, visit

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This news article was originally published in August 2008.

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