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Introducing the ADUX1020 Multifunction Optical Sensor from Analog Devices for Gesture Recognition Applications, samples and eval kit available now from Anglia
Analog Devices have released an optical sensor for gesture recognition, which improves sensing accuracy and reliability over existing solutions by measuring a subject's position, proximity, and gestures from a single sensor.

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Two new accessories have been added to Bulgin’s increasing range of IEC mains connectors


These two new blanking covers are designed for use with un-shuttered IEC outlet sockets. Two types are available, 14228 for Sheet F (eg PX0675/695) and 14277 for Sheet J (eg PX0591/592) connectors.

The covers simply push in to provide complete protection of potentially dangerous ‘live’ connectors, eliminating completely the possibility of accidental electric shock. These blanking covers are moulded from UL94V-0 rated material and are ideal for use where the general public have access to these power distribution output connectors.

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This news article was originally published in August 2008.

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