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Aavid Thermalloy introduces new Slalom SMT heatsink


Aavid Thermalloy has announced the new Slalom heatsink (patent pending) suitable for SMT power semiconductor devices in D2PAK packages.

This new heatsink, which is compatible with current D2PAK solder mask opening, uses solderable “skis” that are staked to an aluminium body. The heatsink together with the device to be cooled is soldered directly to a modified drain pad creating a thermal transfer path from the device to the heatsink. The heat is removed indirectly without any contact between the heatsink and the device as is the case with traditional through hole heatsinks. Additionally the aluminium heatsink body has a black painted finish that provides improved radiation cooling over standard tin plated copper SMT heatsinks. Using aluminium instead of copper also results in lower cost and weight making this technology ideal for high volume pick & place equipment.

Features and benefits:

  • Increased thermal performance up to 30% over bright copper
    heat sinks from improved radiation of the black finish
  • Unique aluminium design reduces the heat sink cost
    versus similar designs utilizing copper
  • Light weight aluminium construction allows faster pick
    and place assembly reducing the manufacturing cycle time
  • The black finish provides enhanced heat absorption,
    improving Infra-red reflow process cycle time and quality
  • Edge mounted “Skis” are designed for use in applications
    with limited PC board space and allow customisation of
    footprint design and size
  • Available in bulk packaging or Tape & Reel


  • Power Supplies
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Motor Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Process Control Equipment
  • Consumer Products

For more information on the full range of Aavid Thermalloy products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

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This news article was originally published in April 2009.

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