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Bulgin's EMI shielding for IP68 Ethernet connectors
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  The latest addition to Bulgin’s waterproof Ethernet Buccaneer connector system is a new EMI shielded backshell.

While Ethernet Buccaneer is a fully shielded system, the plastic panel connector, PX0833, does not have a natural bond or earth path to a metal chassis. The PX0833/E provides one solution with a short earth lead but there are occasions where complete shielding is required. This new metal backshell, PX0888, fits around the connector to provide a complete 360 degree bond to the panel therefore closing any potential EMI/RFI windows.

Assembly is very straightforward; the screening can fixes to the rear of the panel using the existing connector panel nut and a cover provides continuity between the connector screen and the can.

This simple accessory maintains screening directly to panel so will eliminate any potential EMC issues when using a plastic connector in electrically noisy environments.

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This news article was originally published in November 2009.

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