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AD5592R and AD5593R Configurable 8-channel, 12-bit, ADC/DAC/GPIO combination chip from Analog Devices
The AD5592R (SPI Interface) and AD5593R (IC Interface) ADC/DAC/GPIO combination devices include a 400-Ksps ADC (analog-to-digital converter), 6 sec settling time DAC (digital-to-analog converter), digital inputs/outputs, and a reference on a single chip

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Anglia wins "Best Component Distributor Award"

  Alan Dandy is purchasing manager for PAC international, UK market leaders in the manufacture of integrated access control systems.

PAC's operational systems are designed to enable the manufacture of high quality products in short lead times and over the last few years delivery times have been slashed.

PAC is well placed to make judgements on the quality of its suppliers. Alan Dandy and his team have a vendor rating programme where they look for much more than the right product delivered at the right time....and Anglia has just made it a hatrick.....we are proud to announce that Anglia is PAC Internationals "Component Supplier of the Year" for the third time since 1996.

To find out how to set up your own winning partnership, call Anglia today on 01945 47 47 47.


This news article was originally published in January 2000.

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