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Anglia switches on new solid state lighting suppliers at LuxLive
Anglia is to unveil a raft of key new lighting suppliers at LuxLive (Excel, London, Nov 14-15 2018, Stand M2). The company has announced new supply partnerships with LG OLED, Samsung ARTIK and EFORE.

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Taicom expands their Modular connector range to include IDC housings


Taicom has added a range of IDC (Insulation Displacement) housings to the existing crimp terminal based TKB and TKC series of modular connectors.

Available in two pitches they offer the advantage of faster assembly times.

The new TIB (2.54mm pitch) and TIC (3.96mm pitch) connectors are very similar to the TKB and TKC series, however instead of having to strip the wire, mount the crimp onto the wire and then fit the crimp and wire into the housing, the new series have special IDC contacts pre-fitted into the housing. This dramatically reduces the time spent assembling the wires to the connector as the wire is simply fitted directly to the IDC contact on the housing. Furthermore it dispenses with the requirement for wire stripping and specialised tooling for fitting the contacts.

The connectors have a maximum current rating of 3A and 7A respectively and both series are rated at 250Vac and feature flame retardant housings to UL94V-0. They are end to end stackable and are fully compatible with the existing TKB & TKC wafers and TPH pin headers. Additionally the new connectors also feature locking ramps to prevent accidental disconnection during use (this feature only applicable when connectors are used with the corresponding friction lock wafers).

The 2.54mm connectors will accept wire size of 24 AWG and are available in 2 to 25 ways. The 3.96mm version will accept wire size 22 AWG and is available in 2 to 20 ways. Both ranges are offered with an optional dust cover, which can be fitted to protect the IDC contacts once the wires have been fitted.

For more information on the new Taicom products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email Alternatively you can click on the link below to view the data sheets for the new TIB and TIC series.

Click on this link to go to the main Taicom section where you can view other news articles and product data.

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This news article was originally published in August 2001.

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