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Taicom Introduce Series of High Quality Wire to Board Connectors
The TxH2501 series from Taicom provide a simple and reliable wire to board connector solution. These industry compatible connectors are available on a 2.5mm pitch in both straight and right-angled options and are rated up to 3A/250V.

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Wide frequency offering from Hudson

With one of the widest selections of quartz crystal products available, Anglia can offer designers the most effective solution for their requirements from the Hudson range.

Hudson's range of quartz crystal products encompass watch type and standard HC49 style crystals plus 8 & 14 pin DIL format oscillator modules.

The watch type crystals are offered in the industry standard 32.768kHz frequency with the option of two through hole case types, DT-38 (3x8mm) and DT-26 (2x6mm), with the added option of a surface mount part. Frequency tolerance is ±20ppm and operating temperature range is -10 to +60°C across all the different case styles. The surface mount version is supplied taped and reeled for use with high-speed placement equipment. The primary application for this crystal is in clocks.

The standard HC-49/U case is available in a wide variety of frequencies from 1.8432MHz to 60.0MHz covering a broad spectrum of applications. Frequency tolerance is ±20ppm or ±30ppm throughout the range and an option of radial taped product is available to special order.

Complementing the standard case is a low profile version (HC-49/4H) which is very similar to the HC-49/U but with a maximum height of 4mm. This is particularly suitable for applications with a height restriction.

The latter of the above two case styles is also available in a surface mount package HC-49/4SMX, again this crystal is particularly suited to applications which have restricted height but has the added benefit of surface mount technology.

An insulating pad is also available for use with the HC-49/U & HC-49/4H cases to provide electrical isolation between the base of the crystal and the PCB where the application demands it.

To complement their range of quartz crystals, Hudson also offers a range of crystal oscillator units. The devices feature universal output and are HCMOS/TTL compatible. Housed in low profile metal 8 or 14 pin DIL format cases with the option of enable/disable on the 14-pin version the range is offered in frequencies from 1.8432MHz to 64.0MHz.

For more information on the entire family of Hudson crystal products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

Alternatively you can click on the links below to view the data sheets for the Hudson crystals.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz Oscillators

Click on this link to go to the main Hudson section where you can view additional product data.

Following the recent signing of NDK, the No.1 worldwide manufacturer of frequency control products, Anglia is now able to offer a vast portfolio of these high quality devices in conjunction with the Hudson line-up.

Click here to view the NDK article and product data

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This news article was originally published in May 2002.

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