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Introducing DF52 Series, 0.8mm Pitch, Robust, Wire-to-Board Connectors from Hirose, samples available from Anglia
Hirose has introduced the DF52 series to deliver a space-saving, robust, wire-to-board connectivity solution for applications requiring more strength and durability.

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High sensitivity Relays for Battery powered applications

Common to all designs, the efficient use of energy is of paramount importance. With the increased development of handheld electronic products, and a global recognition of the need for energy conservation, new electronics designs often have to reduce power consumption to be viable in today’s market.

The OKO 47W/H, part of the K52 series of relays, is available exclusively from Anglia. Ideal for situations where minimal power consumption is required, and with a high sensitivity coil of 150mW it is suitable for many applications such as portable instrumentation, security products and sensing equipment. Designed specifically for the telecommunications and data processing markets, the OKO 47W/H relay is intended as a drop-in replacement for the industry standard 47W relay. Sharing the same PCB footprint and signal switching capabilities, the 47W/H is an excellent substitute for the power hungry 47W relay, allowing you to quickly and efficiently reduce your relay power consumption by more than two thirds, without the need for a PCB track change.

As with all OKO relays the 47W/H is designed for cost conscious customers who want a low cost product but without sacrificing quality. The entire 47W range is UL recognised and undergo regular batch testing at both the manufacturing plant and Anglia’s UK distribution centre to ensure exceptional performance. As you would expect from a high quality relay the 47W/H meets DIN40 050 specifications for sealing (fully sealed for onboard washing) and creepage to VDE 0110 group Ao.

Available in the industry standard contact configuration of double pole changeover, the gold over silver alloy bifurcated contacts offer superb reliability, and are rated up to 2A, 28Vdc, 60W, so if necessary you can switch more than just mA with this sub miniature relay. Coil voltages cover all the popular values of 4.5V, 9V, 12V and 24Vdc, whilst a 48Vdc, 300mW coil is also available.

For further details of the 47W/H click here. For details of all the other OKO relays please click on the link below.

With portable equipment and low energy consumption high on the agenda batteries are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives. To support this growing area Anglia now distributes an extremely wide range of batteries from standard cells through to packs and modules, in a variety of chemical compositions, supported by a vast choice of accessories. Furthermore, the range extends to cover Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Click here to view an overview of the range of batteries and battery holders supplied by Anglia.

Click on this link to go to the main OKO section where you can view additional relay data.

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This news article was originally published in July 2003.

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