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Omron expands the D6T series of Super-Sensitive Non-Contact MEMS Thermal Sensors
Omron has extended its non-contact MEMS thermal sensor range with the addition of a narrow-field version specifically designed to provide accurate non-contact measurements of objects' temperature for industrial control and building automation systems.

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Exposed at long last! The latest cable ties from CEL


Anglia are now stocking a range of popular sizes of black weather resistant cable ties from CEL. These self-locking, non-releasable ties are moulded in Nylon 6/6 that contains a carbonate to provide greater resistance against harmful ultra-violet rays.

Manufacturing is strictly controlled to ensure that the products meet UL746C approval for outdoor use.

Designed specifically for exposed environments or situations where strong sunlight is prevalent, these cable ties overcome the problems traditional ties suffer such as gradual deterioration of the material and potential failure. The ties are easy to use and adjust whilst capable of working in temperatures of up to 85°C. An excellent choice of minimum tensile strengths from 8 - 54kg are offered dependant on the size of the tie.

For further details of the weather resistant cable ties click here.

This series strengthens the already vast range of cable ties and accessories available from CEL, which includes a wide selection of ties, tie mounts, cable clamps & bushes and hole plugs. Click here to read all about CEL's world of cable management accessories.

For more information call 01945 474747 or email

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This article was originally published in February 2002


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