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Analog Devices' MEMS Accelerometers Provide Low Power Vibration Measurements, Enabling Wireless Condition Monitoring, Samples available from Anglia.
Analog Devices have added two new devices to its popular series of low noise, low drift, low power, three-axis MEMS accelerometers.

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Taicom's new fused terminal block is unveiled

Taicom has just introduced a new, industry standard mounting, fused block to its vast range of very competitively priced terminal blocks.

The TBF5 is a 3 way, chassis mounting terminal strip that integrates a 20 x 5mm fused connection on one of the ways. This makes the device excellent for wiring mains to a circuit and avoids the need for a separate fuse holder. This can be very useful in applications where there is no PCB as these designs would traditionally utilise a panel mount type fuse holder that requires further connections as well as an additional hole in the casing. However, the block can also help even in designs which do have a PCB as it makes it simple for the end user or service personnel to locate and replace the secondary fuse in the event of a failure.

The new block features wire guard protection on all 3 ways and a handle on the fused way making removal and replacement of the fuse very easy and safe. Furthermore, an M3 threaded hole in the middle earth terminal allows the user to ground this terminal to a metal chassis, if required, utilising the earth screw that is supplied with the block. The earth screw also features an innovative serrated surface on the under side of the screw head eliminating the need for an additional star washer to be employed. An anti-rotational spigot is provided for effective retention on the mounting surface.

Electrical and mechanical specifications have been carefully chosen to maximise customer benefits. For example the voltage rating is 400Vac on the block and 250Vac on the fused way. Current rating is 8 Amps and wire acceptance up to 2.5mm2. With potential use in mains applications, safety is high on the agenda and therefore the new block features UL approval and is moulded from UL94V-0 flame retardant material.

Click on the link below to download product data in Adobe Acrobat format.

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This news article was published in July 2002.

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