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Anglia celebrates 10 years with Renesas
Anglia Components and Renesas celebrated 10 years of a successful relationship at a special dinner, with Anglia distributing the Renesas' range of semiconductors, power and analogue solutions in the UK and Ireland.

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Taicom's industry standard DIMM Sockets have many advantages



Taicom, the supplier of high quality yet cost effective connectors, has introduced an industry standard line of DIMM sockets to its portfolio of memory card sockets which already includes the popular SIMM versions.

The new DIMM memory sockets feature a 168 pin high density construction that is fully polarised to prevent orientation errors when inserting the sockets into the PCB, or when inserting memory modules into the sockets. They are also fully compatible with the popular, low cost PC100 and PC133 DRAM memory modules that are widely used in the PC market.

The new connectors are available in two styles, vertical and low profile for applications where height is restricted. Featuring ejector latches for easy memory insertion/extraction, the bodies are made from an LCP material which is flame retardant to UL94V-0 (the best available flammability level). Contacts are rated 1A, 100Vac and have a resistance of 20m Ohm.

Suitable for many uses, the DIMM sockets are ideal where board real-estate is at a premium, thus saving on design time whilst allowing memory to be easily upgraded to 512Mb. Popular applications include instrumentation, medical equipment, graphics intensive products or any application that requires flexibility to allow cost effective memory upgrades at a later date. This modular approach provides many advantages over placing memory direct onto the PCB, such as reduced design and placement time as well as the flexibility to easily change software parameters without incurring costly board redesign problems. The memory upgrade is just a matter of changing the memory module for a bigger one.

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This news article was published in August 2002.

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