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Phoenix Contact launch UCS series of versatile Electronics housings for embedded systems
Phoenix Contact has launched a new family of electronics housings, the Universal Case System UCS series offers developers an extremely versatile housing solution which has been specially designed for embedded systems.

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Taicom's latest modular power connectors are industry compatible


New from Taicom is a range of 4.2mm pitch, dual row connectors which are fully compatible with the popular modular power types in the market but are able to offer considerable cost savings.

Combining a high current rating with a high density modular construction, they are suitable for both power and signal applications being interchangeable with the industry recognised Mini-Fit, Jr™. A variety of product options will permit wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel and wire-to-board connection.

Originally developed for the white goods market as a low cost, simple to use connector system for use on a wiring harness, the potential for use in other areas was quickly recognised. This has led to it becoming one of the most popular connector systems in use today where there is the need to connect to a wiring harness.

The Taicom system brings together many useful features such as the high current handling capability, a mains voltage rating, polarised mating and a positive locking action to prevent accidental disconnection. This last feature also means that the connectors can be used in a harsh environment where vibration can be a problem.

The system comprises of male and female housings together with male and female terminations that are crimped onto the wires then inserted into the housings. As a result the connector system is very easy and quick to construct saving valuable production time. The crimp assemblies can be made using manual or automatic tooling and will provide a very robust and reliable connection.

To complement the crimp housings are two series of PCB pin headers offering a choice of straight (vertical) or right angle mounting. Designed to accommodate the female housings, they extend the connector system to the printed circuit board.

Available in 2 to 12 ways throughout the entire range, all parts have Nylon 66 mouldings which are flame retardant to UL94V-2 and capable of operating over a wide temperature variation of -25°C to +125°C. With a current rating of 7A and a voltage rating of 600Vac, the Taicom modular power connectors will prove ideal for many applications where convenience, ease of use and suitability for both power and signal lines is beneficial.

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Mini-Fit, Jr.™ is a registered trademark of Molex Inc.

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This news article was published in September 2002.

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