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Introducing the TRJ series of cost effective RJ sockets with integrated magnetics from Taicom
The Taicom RJ sockets with integrated magnetics offer excellent performance throughout the entire series and include a wide range of port configurations to suit all types of customer applications.

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One global source secures EMC compliance and power quality

As part of an initiative to supply complete solutions for the protection of power systems, Schaffner has introduced new product ranges and support services which go far beyond EMC compliance alone - to enhance functional capability, improve reliability and optimise the performance of entire systems.

At the heart of the company's 'power quality' initiative is a drive to ensure electronics manufacturers and system operators are aware of the significant benefits available through an integrated approach to power product selection. Rather than simply sourcing a mains input filter for EMC compliance alone, a total system approach is offered. By careful component selection and by fine-tuning their parameters, integrated power systems can be produced, offering increased reliability, functionality and compliance with EMC standards. The resultant synergy offers significant benefits, such as reduction of the total suppression efforts required and consequently, savings in cost, space and time.

Buyers can now rationalise product purchases while adding value to the whole system. For example, a well-designed output filter will also reduce the suppression efforts required on the input side of a frequency inverter. Or a selected line-reactor will improve the effect of the input filter in the low-frequency range, and reduce harmonics. Synergistic advantages such as these, believes Schaffner, can only be exploited, if all components come from a single and extensive source, along with support from specialist engineers with unprecedented expertise.

Typical areas of attention in any given system may include, line and commutation reactors, harmonics filters and chokes, components for the re-generation of energy, combined input/output filters, dv/dt filters and motor protection chokes, sinusoidal output filters, 'Sinus Plus' filters, DC-link chokes and not least EMC filters. Whatever the need, the power-quality initiative can be applied to the selection of product combinations to ensure optimum performance, in any power system whatever the application.

Schaffner products are designed to operate under various electrical and environmental conditions, with voltages up to 690VAC and current ratings up to 2500A, in incremental steps. Each product family affords specialised operational characteristics and offers diverse application potential.

For more information on the full range of Schaffner products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

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This news article was published in November 2002.

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