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Anglia introduces the DF63 series, 3.96mm pitch, 15A high current, board to wire connector from Hirose
Hirose Electric has introduced the DF63 series to meet the increased requirement for small, high powered wire-to-board connectors offering advanced reliability for industrial equipment.

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Compact FFC/FPC connectors broaden Taicom's PCB interconnect product line


Taicom have introduced a new range of connectors for use with FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits). Available in 1.0mm and 1.25mm pitch, the range includes types suitable for surface mount or through hole processes with the 1.25mm pitch types also having the option of ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) or LIF (Low Insertion Force) connection.

FFC & FPC connectors are widely used in applications where many signal or data lines are required in a small area and interconnection is required between two PCB's or between a PCB and various input/output devices such as keypad membranes, LCD modules, or other types of displays.

The range of connectors are available in 4 to 30 ways throughout and are designed to accommodate standard 0.3mm thick FFC or FPC. Current rating for the 1.0mm pitch connector is 0.5A and for the 1.25mm pitch connector 1A. Both connectors have a voltage rating of 50Vac/dc. Their operating temperature ranges extend from -40°C to +105°C depending on the pitch required.

The 1.0mm pitch connectors are a right angle surface mount product and are available with either top or bottom contact allowing the designer maximum flexibility when routing the connecting cable or circuit. The range has a ZIF (zero insertion force) type connection that incorporates a sliding actuator to securely retain the FFC/FPC in place preventing accidental disconnection or disconnection due to vibration. As well as the extremely fine pitch of 1.0mm these connectors are also low profile allowing further space saving particularly in situations where board space is at a premium. Manufactured from high quality Nylon 6T and PPS the connectors have the highest flame retardancy rating of UL94V-0.

The 1.25mm pitch connectors are through hole with the option of vertical (straight) or horizontal (right angle) mounting, and are available in either ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) or LIF (Low Insertion Force) allowing maximum versatility. Furthermore, the LIF versions have kinked terminations to aid retention into the PCB during the solder process. Both ZIF & LIF styles have top mounting contacts, and are constructed from Polyester material which also has the best flame retardancy rating of UL94V-0.

Flat Flexible Cable to suit the above connectors is also available from Taicom to special order.

For more information on the full range of Taicom products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

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This news article was published in January 2003.

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