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Calinar launch Pin-Fin heat sinks for demanding Solid State lighting applications
Calinar has launched a range of pin-fin heat sinks primarily designed to meet demanding LED cooling applications in the solid state lighting industry.

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ESI Humidity Sensors are suitable for fan control applications


The ESI range of resistive humidity sensors are designed for equipment where high sensitivity and excellent reliability are important factors.

Available exclusively from Anglia the sensors provide a cost-effective solution for a whole host of applications.

The sensors ac resistance (impedance) decreases as relative humidity rises. Used in locations such as industrial and household extractor fans, the sensor provides feedback to the control circuit which can then switch the fan on or off or vary the speed of the fan for optimum results. Other applications include safety such as moisture sensing in industrial equipment which prevents damage to the equipment or an electrical hazard to the user.

Available in two resistances 23K & 33K measured at 25°C & 60% RH, the sensors are constructed using a ceramic substrate offering high sensitivity and reliability in a compact package. The sensors also have the option of being supplied with an open construction or housed in a plastic case with the 23K model on a 5.08mm (0.2in.) pitch and the 33K model on a 2.54mm (0.1in.) pitch, thus allowing good versatility within a range of applications depending on space available.

Operating over a humidity range of 20 to 95% RH (depending on model), the sensors have a Hysteresis of <3% RH (between 40 & 80% RH). Response time is <60 seconds and the sensors will operate over a temperature range of 0°C to +60°C. Rated voltage is 1.4V peak over a frequency range of 50Hz to 1kHz.

The standard models shown in the data will suit most requirements, however ESI are also able to offer customer specific requirements such as lead wire terminations and alternative resistance values.

In addition, ESI's range of products extends into temperature sensors with a series of NTC thermistors available in two disc sizes.

For more information on the full range of ESI products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

Alternatively, click on this link to go to the main ESI section where you can view other news articles and product data.

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This news article was published in March 2003.

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