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Introducing the TRJ series of cost effective RJ sockets with integrated magnetics from Taicom
The Taicom RJ sockets with integrated magnetics offer excellent performance throughout the entire series and include a wide range of port configurations to suit all types of customer applications.

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Taicom add FireWire IEEE1394 connectors to their product portfolio


Now available from Anglia are Taicom’s recently introduced and comprehensive range of FireWire IEEE1394 compatible connectors, which further expands its cost effective and extensive line up of connector products.

FireWire or IEEE1394 is an industry standard high-speed serial digital I/O system and is already playing a key role in multimedia, digital storage, digital imaging and data transfer applications where very high data speed is absolutely critical. The standard supports Plug and Play making external devices easy to connect and configure via the host device, as well as Hot Swapping that allows the external device to be plugged in or removed without the need to power down the equipment. This is particularly useful in mission critical applications where the host device cannot be powered down or it is inconvenient to do so.

The addition of the FireWire IEEE1394 compatible TFW series to the Taicom range allows a cost effective integration of FireWire IEEE1394 into other more mainstream applications that require a very simple but fast method of transferring data at up to 400 Mbit/s over a distance of 4.5M. Even greater distances are achievable using higher quality cables or by reducing the transmission speed. Furthermore, the system allows daisy chaining of up to 63 FireWire IEEE1394 compatible devices.

The Taicom TFW series is fully compatible with the FireWire IEEE1394 industry standard and is available in a comprehensive range of styles including both through hole and surface mount configurations. The through hole types are supplied in vertical, right angle and right angle side mounting format all with 6 pins as standard. A further miniature right angle 4 pin version is also available. The surface mount types are available in right angle with either 6 pins (standard version) or the more compact 4 pin version.

The two options of 6 pin or 4 pin types give the customer greater flexibility in the design process. The 6 pin version has 4 data pins plus 2 pins for power with a maximum rating of 1A at 50Vac, allowing the user to power the externally connected device direct from the FireWire IEEE1394 cable reducing the need for an extra power supply or cables. The 4 pin version has 4 data pins only. This type is used in applications where the external device has its own power supply or is battery powered, and is particularly useful where the size of the connector is critical such as in portable equipment.

The TFW series is fully shielded as standard and supports high-speed operation when using the appropriate shielded cables. They all feature a low contact resistance of <30mOhms, are flame retardant to UL94V-0 and have a proof voltage of 500Vac.

With 3 different mounting orientations and a choice of surface mount or through hole, this cost effective series of FireWire IEEE1394 compatible connectors from Taicom offers the customer maximum versatility for applications where FireWire is a must.

To view product data in Adobe Acrobat format click on the following link.

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This news article was published in December 2004.

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