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This is Anglia's selection of the products we suggest engineers use to design in to new applications for production. These components represent our most popular part numbers and have been chosen due to their combination of quality, cost and availability. All of the components in this section are supported by constantly updated technical information in Adobe Acrobat format.

Part number search
To use the part number search, enter the full part number you are looking for. If a product guide page is available for this part a new window will open displaying the page, if not the system will go and look for a manufacturers datasheet and return a list of  matching results.

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To use the page number search, enter the page number in the text box and click the
'Get Page' button, a new window will then open to display the page you have requested.

Hierarchical Search

  • To start your search, click on the general product category of the component you are looking for. For example, 'semiconductors'. This will return a more detailed list of contents.
  • From the following list, refine your search by selecting the specific product category you are looking for. For example, 'diodes'.
  • Continue this refinement process until a new window appears with the page you are looking for.

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